Last month in London: raging feminist hardcore, molotov cocktails, screen printing all nighters, IWD house show & zine and leaving my beloved castle.

Thanks for the nice words Ren.
Keep on having fun in Hamburg!

Ren Aldridge

I’ve just moved to Hamburg to take up an Artists Residency at HFBK through the Art School Alliance. I’m so excited by the amount of space I have here! Really inspired. Before I dive in here I want to catch up with this blog as I’ve found the process of writing it so far really helpful for sorting my head out and being able to articulate the mush in my brain.

The main event for me in the past month was finally releasing the Petrol Girls EP digitally on bandcamp and as pre-order 7″ vinyl. We’re so proud of it. Jack did a fantastic job recording us – it sounds really professional despite everything (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!) being recorded in Astbury Castle – drums in the kitchen and everything else in the bedrooms. Its available online now but the hilarious EP trailer that Liepa made is still well…

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