Grapevine Editions 001: Folds

The Grapevine is an online art and literary magazine that I co-founded in 2015. Our current project is Grapevine Editions, a series of collaborative pamphlets between writers and visual artists.

Grapevine Editions 001 is a collaboration between me and photographer Anthony Elliott.

Folds interrogates the space between memory and reality. Drawing on journal entries, text messages, misremembered conversations and fragmented photographs to reconstruct old intimacies, it questions the way in which our memories of past relationships make up our identities, despite the fact that we are always reaching for something which no longer exists. Catherine Madden’s collage poetry and Anthony Elliott’s fractured analogue photographs work in dialogue to expose the violence, tenderness and loss laced through our romantic histories. The series explores the weight of the past on the present and asks us what we have left to hold onto in the aftermath of love.

The pamphlets are available to buy for £5 here.

S 2008

 he was very good looking and lived didn’t see in a big white house I remember him in the pub great all the hotties parking his car at the top of a hill together had a big chat and pulled in Liverpool but I have no memory of text being Liverpool together later we and they got drunk Chester very awkward facebooked saying that meal called me bunny once he went on a few dates to the shrew got pulled over on the way back we only kissed and he’s being read his rights didn’t like him rear view mirror they said dates because he was boring because they didn’t get many really fancy crimes in Chester I can’t remember day after I had met his mum I knew at the time that it was me which was strange I was so depressed racial profiling he apologised to me for it then he text saying the next day I found anymore sorry out years later he didn’t want he said to carry on seeing me because I looked anywhere so much younger than him even though   but  whatever   I was only a year younger.

Design by Louise Evans.

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