Letters to Barnacle 2

letter to b

My poem ‘A Rat’ is in the second issue of  Letters to Barnacle. Yup, you can buy it on Etsy.

A Rat

Whenever you release one of your volumes some animal part of me, think a rat, scans it

for buried reference to myself.

As if you would mention me when, to you, I am just a legobrick of shared biography and

taste that clicks with yours , clumsily,  if I’m there.

You live like this is the 60s

which is fine for you who is

timelessly fanciable

a man in leather shoes

on cobbled streets in Manchester

you think that this is Manchester and

that I’m only impressed by your shoes and

looking at them as I walk down cobbled

streets in old fashioned hats and coats

with your new wife, perhaps this is Manchester.

When we met alone that time from a distance

I saw you wave like a sharp

corner. You were not so slick then, but intense.

later I found out that you were not so slick but intense

with other women and I felt duller.

So, in what manner would I appear in your memoirs?

No manner except a raised eyebrow,

a swirling skirt at a party trying

to say a clever woman thing to say,

a hand on someone else’s arm,

pouring  a glass of wine,

raising it and it’s coffee

going dark and going home.

I use “you” here because I want to and,

yes, I have written a poem about you,

we all did

you’re that sort of person.



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