Desperate Literature Residency

This January I had a residency in Desperate Literature, a bookshop in Madrid. I did a reading and produced a little book with some of my poems, including the ones below. Send me an email if you would like a copy, or stop in at the shop if you are in Madrid.


Obvious Shapes

As well as the triangle


I now have

a rectangle

on my forehead

red and stretching

towards my ears.

In this way I

inch towards children,

“Don’t talk to us.”

they can see it and

hear the grinding


in my chest.

Soon, my stomach grows a circle and

handsome men avoid me on the street.


Michael Cera is my celeb crush

Michael Cera is my celeb crush

du jour

I go to bed with him

around my head

protecting me


from all evil

especially terrorism

and then

counter terrorism

and then

late capitalism

in general I dream of his

unsure qualities and

wake up calm

and thirsty.


This is what happens when

my non-Michael Cera friends aren’t here

I Google

Michael Cera hot

Michael Cera girlfriend?

Michael Cera asshole?

Michael Cera sex scenes

which soak my algorithms in

honey haired

inexperienced visions of

Michael Cera



Between you and me there’s

  1. the time from when I first got here and felt afraid until now when I can say à

  2. my dream about the feathered man and having sex with John (which of course I wouldn’t tell you about, but would think about with you in shot)

  3. you not drinking, not eating, and swimming in unknown shorts.


(I think of you at the pool and can’t quite believe that I’m allowed to touch yours or anyone’s chest)

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